1.866.366.7035 3221 Lawnwood St. Ft Worth, TX 76111
1.866.366.7035 3221 Lawnwood St. Ft Worth, TX 76111
Ameraguard Services
We have several layers of support from our field people that handle every thing from training, to support, to building patterns that are tailor made for each installer. We make sure the cusomter is treated professionaly while handling any issues for warranty claims. We have live support that is availabe in person, online, or by phone.
Our Services are designed to maximize production for the dealer
Building In House Film Department Our success is built around building a seamless film program that each dealership can grow. We will staff it and also use our foeld trainers to train dealership employees as well. We are committed to supporting service and producing a high level of completed installations.
On Line Support and Service
We have a dedicated support system to each store and in the event your store needs hardware or software help we are live and ready M-F 8am to 5pm CST. We can reshape patterns, update softeware, fix hardware problems, and communicate live online with your installer.
Hardware & Software
We have all the tools, hardware and software availble to touch every vehicle for film programs back to the early 1990s. We will pdate and manage the equipment and make sure it is operating at a high level at all times. Our field representatives will come by on a frequent basis to keep your program up to date. There is no investment in the program so we handle all warranty cliams and control.