800-989-9869 1155 Richard Petty Way, Lebanon, TN 37090
800-989-9869 1155 Richard Petty Way, Lebanon, TN 37090

Our Products

At Ameraguard, we use only the highest quality, polyurea/polyurethane hybrid materials. Our unique chemical formulation combines the right mix of toughness, strength, flexibility, abrasion and cut resistance even in hot weather adding up to the best, most attractive protection available for your valued truck.

An Ameraguard bedliner becomes an integral part of the truck. There are no screws, drilled holes or clamps to come loose. Our durable liner is sprayed on hot and sets in less than 5 seconds – forming an air and watertight layer of protection between the elements and the truck bed to permanently prevent rust and corrosion.

Uses for Ameraguard products are as diverse and numerous as your imagination. We have a wide selection of specialized products for demanding applications. Our dealers are typically equipped to coat virtually any surface including: